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Virtual Controller

Change the way

you make music.



is a new AUDIO PLUG-IN

do not miss the launch

Transforms everything in a MIDI controller

Translates your musical percussive gestures into MIDI data

Analyzes your execution and gives augmented expressivity

and many more

What it is

How it works.

Everytime an attack is detected through the microphone...

...and then converted into MIDI data, so you can play music in your DAW.

...the signal is analyzed in timbre, speed and velocity...

How it works

3 control signals

Here we use a contact microphone to capture LIVE the different gestures executed on a table.
Then we use those gestures to make music in the DAW.

Control signals


producing different timbres on the surface.

Playing kick and snare sounds using finger and a sushi stick.


time elapsed between hits.

Controlling the pitch by how fast the hits are (faster the hits, lower the pitch).


how hard the hits are.

Controlling cut off filter, sample length and pitch with velocity.

Tavola disegno 1.png

Simple. For everyone.

It's simple: you put your gear,

we provide the software.

Use your sound card.

Nowadays every sound card can reach low-latency performance.

drum triggers

dynamic mic

Install Virtual Controller
in your machine

and run your favourite DAW.

Instructions here.

contact mic

Tap to sound.

Attack transient will be detected and transformed into MIDI data to let you play with.

Use your microphone.

Feed the plug-in with an audio source. Use whatever type of microphone you have, even a very cheap one:

- contact mic

- condenser mic

- dynamic mic

- drum triggers

- pre-recorded material an so on...

Try the BETA version

Remember to:


Check the documentation

It's a new type of instrument. It may not be an easy process to understand at the first time.


Leave us a feedback


Complete this anonymous Form (5-10 minutes) and help us to provide a better experience.


Show yourself

We want to see how you will use this new tool.
Tag us on social media platform showing off your creativity with Virtual Controller.

Beta version

Quick tutorial in Ableton Live.

Finger drumming on a table with random objects.

Quick setup

Learn more about
Virtual Controller


Quick and smart interactivity. 

coming soon.

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